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Why Families Fail to Qualify for BISP Payments Disqualification Reasons 2024

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) provides critical monetary help to qualified families in Pakistan. However, updates afterward prevented many families from receiving BISP payments. If you are one of the ineligible, here is everything you can do to possibly recover your cash and understand more about the entire process.

Understanding the BISP Disqualification

As of May 15, some families were denied the Benazir Kafaalat program, but they continue to receive Rs 10,500 and their children’s lives. The status change is based on the BISP’s dynamic survey, which is periodically reviewed.

Check ConditionBring your ID card to the nearest BISP office or payment center.
File ComplaintSubmit a re-evaluation request at the BISP office or online.
Ask at the Payment FacilityPresent your ID card at the nearest BISP payment facility.
Eid-ul-Adha PaymentsCheck eligibility for the Rs 10,500 lump sum during key dates.

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Steps to Recover BISP 10500 Payments

BISP Payment Process

  • Obtain previous payments or installments on the BISP site.
  • Deliver ID card to next campground for reservation status check.
  • Non-eligibility until the next polls every two years.
  • The third and greatest number of payments can be given during Eid-ul-Adha.
  • Balance can be picked up at a nearby campground.
  • Pediatric payments are provided to eligible families due to Benazir Kafaalat program delays.


While exile from the BISP might be disturbing, knowledge of the system and realizing how funds work can help ease some of the tension. Always check your accounts, visit the nearest campsites for updates, and be conscious of approaching payment sections. Discipline and care are essential to controlling payment laws. 

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Why was my family unable to make the BISP 10500 payment?

Dismissal could take place as a result of changes in your economic standing, data errors, or failure to fulfill new BISP specifications during periodic evaluations.

How might I get my BISP funds back if my family is prohibited?

To recover your BISP payments, start by checking your condition by carrying your ID card to the nearby BISP office or payment center. Additionally, you can file a complaint by submitting a re-evaluation request at the BISP office or through the online portal.

What should I do if I forget a BISP payment?

To address missed BISP payments, ask at the payment facility by presenting your ID card at the nearest BISP payment center. Additionally, for Eid-ul-Adha payments, check if you are eligible for the Rs 10,500 lump sum during key payment dates.

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