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The Whole Handbook to Loan Limit for the Punjab Livestock Card Program 2024

The Punjab government used the Punjab Livestock Card Scheme to help the crops and dairy sector. The new legislation intends to make it simpler for ranchers and animal owners to get finance. Solving the Punjab scheme’s loan limit and counter-claims is crucial for latent heirs.

Summary of the Punjab Livestock Card System.

This plan allows financing for a range of targets including collecting animals, a meal, medical care, and other related expenditures. Its primary objective is to increase fabrication and ensure the financial security of pastoral families involved in cow herding.

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Scheme DetailsLoan Limits
Punjab Livestock Card Scheme OverviewFinancial aid for farmers to enhance livestock businesses, covering animals, feed, medical care, and infrastructure.
Loan LimitsLoans range from PKR 1,50,000 for dairy animals to PKR 2,000,000 for machinery and infrastructure, based on specific needs.

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Loan Limit Under the Punjab Livestock Card Scheme 

The Punjab Livestock Card Scheme sets limitations on financing based on a variety of standards, including what kind of beast, the quantity of creatures, and the planter’s needs. Loan amounts range from PKR 1,50,000 for dairy animals to PKR 1,50,000 for small ruminants, PKR 1,000,000 for poultry, PKR 75,000 for pig keeping, PKR 30,000 for feed and animal feed, PKR 20,000 for veterinary treatment, PKR 20,000 for welfare and medical expenses, and PKR 2,000,000 for machines and the infrastructure.

Benefits of Loan Limit Under the Punjab Livestock Card Scheme

The Punjab Livestock Card for Farmers affords farmers simple access to finance, cheaper payments, flexible prepay choices, and full cover for each aspect of the agriculture industry. The scheme streamlined the loan filing procedure and dipped farmers’ monetary strain. Farmers get to choose from a variety of colored payment alternatives that fit their revenue cycles and financial capabilities.

Eligibility Criteria of the Loan Limit Under the Punjab Livestock Card Scheme

Punjab Livestock Card Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • A resident of Punjab: Must be an endless occupant of Punjab.
  • Livestock Ownership: Must enjoy or be engaged in livestock husbandry.
  • Income Criteria: Must align with scheme guidelines to ensure benefits reach the most needy.

Application Process of the Punjab Livestock Card Scheme

The Punjab Livestock Card Scheme allows applicants to apply for Loan Limits by gathering necessary documents such as identity, address, income, and beast power. The application form can be found at designated banks or on a sanctioned website. An individual must submit the form with additional record-keeping, which will be assessed by authorities to decide on qualifying. The loan sum will be put in the applicant’s accounts.


The Punjab Livestock Card Scheme is an excellent thing aimed at growing the best agricultural work community. By providing financial help on help conditions of use, the effort promotes the expansion and sustainability of the livestock sector in Punjab. Growers may utilize these loans to enhance their livestock approaches, increase production, and subsequently reach more profit security.

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Who knows what is the Punjab Livestock Card Scheme?

The Punjab Livestock Card Scheme is an experiment by the government directed at giving loans to farmers and individuals who own livestock in Punjab. The program offers loans for multicolored beast-related training, such as the purchasing of animals, feed, surgical therapies, and structure development.

Who is competent for the Punjab Livestock Card system?

For them to be eligible for the plan, a person must be a permanent resident of Punjab, own a beast or work in animal husbandry, be above the ages of 18 and 65, and complete the scheme’s income requirements.

What truly are the committing limits for the scheme?

The loan limits vary depending on the type of beast and the planter’s special requirements. For instance, funding for dairy animals can reach PKR, whilst financing for meat cattle can reach PKR.

What can I enroll for the Punjab Livestock Card Scheme?

For approval, gather all of the required documents, finish out the operation form (available at granted banks or the authorized website), and send it with the paper trails. The government will also verify all information and extend the loan following clearance.   

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