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Submit Your Application for the Punjab Solar Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024

The Punjab Government has begun accepting online submissions for the Punjab Solar Roshan Gharana Scheme. Individuals who live in Punjab and desire to join in this initiative can easily submit an online application from the privacy of their dwellings.

To achieve this, visit the Solar Panels Scheme’s official web page and fill out the registration form. You should also read the whole thing before deciding to find out how to complete the application, the procedure, and what papers are needed.

Punjab Solar Roshan Gharana SchemeApply online by June 6, 2024. Fill out the form on the official website and submit the required documents.
EligibilityPunjab residents with a Punjab-issued ID, use up to 300 electricity units monthly.

Punjab Solar Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024

So, as soon as possible, submit your paperwork online at the government portal and join this initiative. We are going to remind you that by becoming a participant in the above scheme, you will be supplied with a three-kilowatt solar system.

To complete this system, you will need the pack of batteries and transformers needed for the solar power system. This suggests that you will receive a full item. You will pay 25% of the total quantity due to acquiring this bundle. At the same time, government agencies will cover 75% of the cost. Read on in the post to learn more regarding the guidelines.

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Benefits of the Solar Roshan Gharana Scheme

Punjab Roshan Gharana Solar Panel Project Perks

  • Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has launched an initiative for Punjab citizens.
  • Eligible individuals can apply for the scheme, regardless of their identity card location.
  • The government provides a three-kilowatt solar panel system to eligible individuals.
  • The package includes batteries, inverters, and other components.
  • Payments for the system of solar panels are paid in periods, with qualifying people buying 25% and the government subsidizing the remainder, which is 75%.
  • Participation is limited to those who consume up to 100 or 300 units of power per quarter
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How do I apply online for the Solar Roshan Gharana Scheme?

The enrollment procedure for the Punjab Solar Roshan Gharana task involves using the BOP’s official website, Punjab Bank, and choosing the agriculture show linked to the project. Check out the form with personal details such as your name, address, phone number, identity card variety, email address, residence, and passport-sized photo. Attach the required papers and click the submit link.

A challan form will be provided, which you must download and pay at your nearest Bank of Punjab branch. You can join the scheme only after paying the challan form. A message will be sent after your application is fully checked.

Check the eligibility criteria before applying.

To apply for the Punjab Solar Roshan Gharana Plan 2024, applicants must be from Punjab, with a Punjab-issued identity card, consume up to 300 monthly power units, and have not ever before filed for the strategy.

Essential Documents

To apply, applicants must have an identity card in Punjab, all land documents, landlord permission for rented houses, a recent electricity bill showing 100 to 300 units, and a passport-sized photograph. Other required documents include a recent electricity bill and a passport-size photograph.


Those dwelling in Punjab may simply submit applications online for the Punjab Solar Roshan Gharana Scheme. I do not have to go to your local Punjab branch to submit the paperwork. You may quickly enter a digital application from home by checking the same branch’s website. The following section offers full instructions.

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How can I apply for the Punjab Solar Roshan Gharana Scheme?

For applications, head to the official Punjab Solar Roshan Gharana Scheme website, enter the registration type with your contact details and attach all the required documentation. Submit the form, download the challan, and pay at the nearest Bank of Punjab branch. You are going to get a confirmation text after your application has been confirmed.

What papers are needed for the application?

Applicants may provide a Punjab-issued identity card, land evidence, landlord approval in rental homes, the latest electricity bill with 100-300 units, and a passport-sized photograph.

Furthermore, what are the restrictions of the scheme?

Participants need to live in Punjab, hold a Province-issued identity card, use up to 300 units of energy per month, and not

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