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The Punjab government has initiated the E-Rickshaw Scheme, distributing electric rickshaws to 26,000 deserving individuals. This initiative follows the bike scheme, aiming to provide employment opportunities for the unemployed. The government is taking steps to ensure the distribution of these rickshaws, with details on who can receive them. The scheme aims to provide a more sustainable and accessible transportation solution.

Goal of the E-Rickshaw Scheme

The Punjab government’s scheme aims to provide employment opportunities for the unemployed and revolutionize the transportation sector by offering electric rickshaws. This initiative not only creates jobs for unemployed individuals but also creates many other jobs, including mechanics, demonstrating the government’s commitment to creating employment opportunities for those suffering from poverty due to unemployment through various schemes.

E-Rickshaw Scheme RegistrationConclusion
Wait for official registrationPunjab’s E-Rickshaw Scheme aims to provide jobs and improve transportation.
Complete registration onlineEligibility criteria: Pakistani citizenship, Punjab residency, income under Rs 60,000.
Follow instructions on websiteScheme benefits government employees and unemployed.
 Registration details on official website.

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Eligibility criteria for availing e-Rickshaw scheme 2024

The Punjab government is offering an e-rickshaw scheme to eligible applicants. Applicants must have a Pakistani identity card, be a resident of Punjab, and have a monthly income of less than Rs 60,000. Government employees who wish to benefit from the scheme are eligible. The rickshaws are provided in easy installments, so a witness is required. The eligibility criteria will be updated as soon as registration is formally started by the government. It is important to note that these eligibility criteria are subject to change. The scheme is aimed at providing affordable transportation for government employees who struggle with high financial expenses.

Procedure to Complete Registration in E-Rickshaw Scheme 2024

The Punjab government has not yet started the registration process for the e-rickshaw scheme, so those who wish to benefit from it should wait. The government officials are introducing a portal for online registration, which will be made easier for those interested in obtaining an e-rickshaw. Once the registration procedure is released, complete details will be available on the Punjab Government’s website. The government officials are urging people to wait until the portal is launched to ensure a smooth and efficient registration process.


The article provides comprehensive guidance for individuals interested in obtaining rickshaws without interest on easy installments through the Punjab government’s e-rickshaw scheme. It provides detailed information on registration, eligibility assessment, and updates on the scheme. The article aims to provide comprehensive information for those interested in obtaining rickshaws without interest and will update readers as new information becomes available.

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Am I eligible for an e-rickshaw?

To qualify, you’ll need to be a resident of Punjab with a Pakistani ID card and have a monthly income under Rs. 60,000. Interestingly, even government employees can apply! The eligibility criteria might change slightly, so keep an eye out for updates. You’ll also likely need a witness during the application process.

Q: How do I register?

Hold on to your horses! The registration process for the E-Rickshaw Scheme hasn’t started yet. The government is currently building an online portal to make applications easier.

Q: Where can I find updates?

The best way to stay informed is to visit the Punjab Government’s website. They’ll announce the official launch date for registration there, along with any changes to the eligibility criteria.

Q: When will I get more information?

This article will be updated with the latest information as it becomes available. So, stay tuned and keep checking back for updates!

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