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Punjab Khidmat Card Program Everything You Need to Know About Online Registration

The Punjab Khidmat Card program is designed for households below a certain threshold in Punjab, who meet certain income thresholds. To participate, households must apply for a card through the PSPA, providing proof of income and other documentation. Once approved, they receive a Khidmat Card 2024, which can be used for cash transfers at designated payment points. The amount of cash transfers is based on household size and composition, with larger households and those with more children receiving higher transfers.

The Punjab Khidmat Card program, administered by the Punjab Social Protection Authority, offers cash transfers to eligible low-income households in Punjab, Pakistan. It also provides healthcare services, education assistance, and vocational training opportunities. The program aims to help these households meet their basic needs and improve their standard of living by providing financial assistance and enhancing their living standards.

Eligibility CriteriaPunjab residents with a monthly income below 30,000 PKR, are not employed in any government department.
Application ProcessApply through the Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) with proof of income and other documentation.
Balance CheckCheck the balance online through the official website using the provided codes.


To be eligible for the Punjab Service Card, applicants must be Punjab residents with a national identity card, have a monthly salary below 30,000, and not work in any government department.

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Check the code for the Khidmat card balance

The Pakistani government initiated the Punjab Khidmat Card Program in 2014, assisting disabled individuals. The provincial government is currently working on expanding the program to other cities and villages, ensuring that all entitled individuals receive this service and can live a normal life.

The Punjab provincial government has introduced ATM cards for eligible candidates, ensuring fraud prevention. The government also offers loans to disabled individuals who wish to start their businesses through the Prime Minister’s Loan Scheme. Additionally, the government plans to provide disabled medical equipment. The government also distributes a monthly 6,000-dollar Kidmat card payment, allowing individuals to earn 2,000 monthly. These initiatives aim to protect the disabled from financial exploitation.

How Can I Use My Punjab Service Card to Check My Balance Online?

Punjab’s Chief Minister, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, is actively working on a program to eliminate disabilities in children, youth, and the elderly in the country. In the past three months, the government has distributed 6,5000 service cards to disabled individuals. To address payment concerns, service card balance checks 2024 can be done online through select codes.

This initiative is purely need-based, providing subsidies based on merit. The former Chief Minister’s program is a good initiative for the poor, and eligibility can be checked on the website. The program aims to provide maximum facilities to those in need.

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What is the Punjab Khidmat Card program and who is eligible?

The Punjab Khidmat Card program, managed by the Punjab Social Protection Authority, offers cash transfers, healthcare, education aid, and vocational training to low-income households in Punjab. Eligible applicants must be Punjab residents with a monthly income below 30,000 and not employed in any government department.

How can I check my Khidmat Card balance online?

To check your Punjab Service Card balance online, you can use specific codes provided by the government. The initiative aims to ensure transparency and accessibility for beneficiaries, allowing them to manage their funds conveniently.

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