Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
Punjab Green Tractor Scheme; How to Qualify and Apply for Tractor Subsidies

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz is allowing the CM Punjab Green Tractor Scheme, marking a crucial step for helping farmers. The program seeks to give considerable help to farmers within the province. The heads of state were given an extensive update on the Kissan Box, which contains multiple beneficial efforts for farmers.

Subsidy on TractorsSmall vehicles receive a 70% subsidy, whereas large tractors receive 50% financing for agricultural output.
EligibilityFarmers who own 6 to 50 acres of field land are permitted.

Comprehensive Package for Farmers

In the meeting that was held, a full package was revealed, comprising Founding of Punjab Kissan Bank and Green Agriculture Scheme. Local makers of harvesters and tools for agriculture. Besides adding to the Oil Seed Promotion Program, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz produced the Kisan Bank and Kissan Box, aimed at offering farmers basic financing.

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Subsidy on Tractors in Punjab Green Tractor Scheme

The Punjab Green Tractor Scheme lends major benefits to farmers:

  • 70% benefit for small tractors.
  • 50% incentive for big tractors.
  • Upon Nawaz Sharif’s recommendation, the government has consented to distribute 10,000 tractors under this initiative. Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz asked that the first phase of the initiative conclude within one year and plans to expand the number of tractors open annually.

Candidacy for the Punjab Green Tractor Initiative

Homeowners with between six and fifty acres of land to cultivate are eligible for the Punjab Green Tractor Scheme. How To Qualify for the Green’s Tractor Scheme in Punjab.

The Location Region Administration has yet to release specifics regarding how to qualify for low-cost tractors via the Punjab Green Tractor Scheme. Information will be available as soon as it is made public. devote a watch out for updates.


Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz suggested the Punjab Green Tractor Scheme 2024, which offers pursuit degrees help to growers through tractor loans and banking through the Punjab Kissan Bank. The scheme seeks to enhance crops and assist people in Punjab.

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If is the Punjab Green Tractor the structure for 2024?

The Punjab Green Tractor Scheme 2024, opened by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, provides big aid to Punjab farmers by granting farming machinery subsidies (70% for small-scale producers and 50% for large autos), hence increasing the output of agriculture.

Who is considered eligible for the Punjab Green Tractor Scheme?

Farmers owning six to fifty acres of cultivable land are approved for the initiative. This criteria guarantees that benefits go to those who need them the most.

When do farmers apply for the Punjab Green Tractor Scheme?

The finished application process for the Punjab Green Tractor Scheme has yet to be reported by the government. Growers should remain up to speed on notifications surrounding the process of applying.

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