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Punjab Government's 20,000 E-Bike Scheme Latest Update 2024

The Punjab government recently started a campaign which provides petrol and 20,000 e-bikes to male and female students. This program will provide 19,000 petrol bikes to established students and also offer 1,000 electric scooters to students with limited funds. How do you find these bicycles? All of the pertinent details are offered below for you to explore and get.

20000 E-Bikes Scheme 2024

The Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, just unveiled a 20000-the bike plan for learning. A total of 19000 fuel automobiles and 1000 electric-powered bicycles. Bikes will be donated to qualified students under that scheme. Kids who have submitted applications for electric motorcycles are allowed.

Scheme DetailsDistribution and Application
20,000 e-bikes (19,000 petrol, 1,000 electric) for Punjab students.Distribution began on May 13. Check eligibility and apply via the government portal.

So let’s begin to tell everyone that the sale of electric bikes has already started. Appointed pupils are now starting to receive messages. On May 13, the elector-back distribution procedure began. Learners who have yet to receive their bikes may check their names on the database by visiting the government-created webpage. Further, we included exhaustive data regarding the list lower down.

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Number of 20000 E-Bikes to Be Distribute  

The 20000 E-Bikes scheme is designed for Punjab students, requiring registration through ID cards, a driving license, and students studying in colleges and universities. Eligibility criteria include having a driving license, having a Punjab ID, and being a student in colleges and universities.

How to Check Eligibility For 20000 E-Bikes?

Govt Bikes Govt PK Portal Registration

  • Students can submit applications online via the portal.
  • Eligibility and ineligibility lists are available on the website.
  • Eligible students’ names can be checked directly on the website.
  • The list of eligible students is separate from the list of ineligible students.
  • The 20000 E-Bikes list is accessible for easy access.

Name check in Balloating list

We have a message for you that the examination of Punjab students who made proposals has been determined. It displays all of their information and nicknames as a list.

You can validate your address and status on the waiting list or establish whether you are qualified by going to the site directly. Seeing an amazing spike in popularity, the authorities have begun the method of distributing bicycles. So the first portion can be completed and the subsequent stage may begin immediately as achievable.

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Starting Date of Distribution of Petrol and Electric Bikes 

Transmission Minister Bilal Khalid has said that he plans on raising yet another fee soon to respond to the concerns of over 50,000 pupils. So that motorcycles with electric engines, petrol bikes may be supplied the same proportion of pupils throughout Punjab. The process of issuing electric bikes started on May 13, which has now begun.


The Punjab government started contract negotiations for furnishing 20,000 motor vehicles to the deserving people, which consists of 19,000 petrol bike and 1,000 electric bikes. Applicants can verify their status and register via the government web. Shipment began on May 13, with efforts staying to accommodate the huge desire. Students can visit the government’s official web page to obtain more information and to confirm if they are eligible.

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How may I determine whether I am capable of buying an electronic bicycle under the province of Punjab government’s scheme?

You may confirm if you are eligible by going to the government web. You have to possess a Punjab ID, and a driving permit, and attend classes in a Punjab-based institution or college. The online resource has distinguished listings of eligible and prohibited pupils.

How may I apply for the 20,000 E-Bike Scheme?

Students may complete applications online via the government portal. Make sure you have your Punjab ID and driving permit available for trademark registration. After you’ve submitted submitting your application, you may check your applicant status to judge whether you’re authorized.

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