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On Tuesday, the Punjab cabinet approved in principle the issuance of the Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card to benefit Punjab’s small farmers.Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz chaired the 6th meeting of the provincial cabinet here on Tuesday and asked the officials to strictly enforce one dish at wedding ceremonies across Punjab to help underprivileged people.

Supporting Farmers with the Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card

She stated that all of Punjab’s resources are available to farmers. Arhati and middlemen cannot be permitted to exploit farmers. The cabinet considered a proposal to provide direct cash subsidies to small wheat farmers. It approved reinstating the supply of free medicines to cancer patients, as well as expanding the free cancer drug scheme. The chief minister informed the cabinet that home delivery of free medicines to patients would begin in May.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Kisan CardApproval given to issue Kisan Cards for small farmers in Punjab.
One-Dish Policy at Wedding CeremoniesStrict enforcement of serving only one dish at weddings to assist underprivileged individuals.
Efforts to Promote Investment and DevelopmentApproval of seed funding for twin skyscrapers in Nawaz Sharif IT City Lahore and foreign direct investment in a cement plant project. Expansion plans for cement facilities also approved.
Other Cabinet DecisionsDelegation of powers to enforce curfews, setting charges for platinum category vehicle number plates, conducting performance audits of all departments, providing aid to landslide-affected individuals, and forming a high-level committee to address pollution issues.

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Serving One Dish at Weddings Across Punjab

The cabinet praised CEO CBD Imran Amin’s efforts to persuade Chinese companies to establish enterprises in the Nawaz Sharif IT City Lahore, and agreed to provide Rs10 billion as seed money to the Central Business District Authority for the construction of twin skyscrapers in the IT City.

The cabinet was informed that the Saudi Academy in Riyadh was prepared to open a campus in the IT City. The CEO Central Business District (CBD) informed the cabinet that a total of ten skyscrapers would be developed in the IT City, with two being built immediately. Work on the IT City would begin in May.

Helping Small Farmers Succeed

The cabinet approved the delegation of powers to impose Section 144 to deputy Commissioners. It agreed to set the platinum category number plate charge for vehicles at Rs 10 lakh. It agreed to a plan to conduct performance audits of all departments in Punjab. It approved Rs10 lakh in cash aid per house for those affected by a landslide in Parina village, Murree’s outskirts.

The government has approved a 350 million foreign direct investment in a cement plant project in Chakwal’s Chua Saidan Shah region. It granted in-principle approval to issue NOCs for the construction of three new cement facilities and the expansion of four existing ones.

Building Projects and Investments in Punjab

The cabinet also approved the formation of a high-level group to address pollution issues. It adopted the yearly calendar for the Punjab Assembly’s first parliamentary year. It approved the formation of a search committee for the hiring of vice chancellors in universities, after increasing the shortlisting requirement for interviews from 75% to 80%. The government resolved to immediately remove FIEDMC’s CEO and pursue legal action against him.

Maryam Nawaz met with numerous legislators who congratulated her on the PMLN’s victory in the province’s by-elections.The CM informed the lawmakers that free Wi-Fi service had been launched in 50 locations of Lahore, and 519 Kanals of state land in six cities had been set aside for the Apna Chhat Apna Ghar project.

Members of the National Assembly, Riazul Haque Judge, and members of the Punjab Assembly, Akhtar Ali Khan, Qaiser Iqbal Sindhu, and Muhammad Nawaz, attended the meeting.

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1. What steps are being taken to support farmers?

  • The government approved the issuance of the Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card to benefit small farmers.
  • The cabinet considered providing direct cash subsidies to small wheat farmers.

2. What measures are being implemented to control wedding expenses?

  • The Chief Minister directed strict enforcement of a one-dish policy at wedding ceremonies to help underprivileged people.

3. How is the government promoting investment and development in Punjab?

  • The cabinet approved seed money for constructing twin skyscrapers in the Nawaz Sharif IT City Lahore.
  • The government approved a foreign direct investment project for a cement plant in Chakwal.
  • They granted in-principle approval for building new cement facilities and expanding existing ones.

4. What other decisions were made by the cabinet?

  • The cabinet approved delegating powers to enforce curfews and setting platinum category vehicle number plate charges.
  • They agreed to conduct performance audits of all departments and provide aid to those affected by a landslide.
  • A high-level committee was formed to address pollution issues.

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