Tue. Jul 16th, 2024
Breaking News CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif Revives Punjab Laptop Scheme for 2024!

Great Punjab is celebrating as Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif declares the return of the popular Laptop Scheme following a seven-year break. This program, which strives to close the digital divide and provide worthy students with computers to help them succeed academically and professionally, is designed to boost education.

What’s New in 2024?

Following eager anticipation, the scheme returns after a prolonged pause, delighting students awaiting such an opportunity. With a focus on public sector students, the government plans to distribute approximately 100,000 laptops, fostering digital empowerment across Punjab’s educational landscape.

ObjectiveProvide laptops to deserving students in Punjab
New UpdateRestarting after 7 years, targeting public sector students
Laptops to DistributeApproximately 100,000 laptops
Eligibility CriteriaFirst-year BS/B.Sc. students, priority for certain fields, minimum marks: 60% annual / 70% semester
Application ProcessOnline registration and document submission

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Eligibility Criteria Explained

Though awaiting official details, expectations gleaned from past schemes and reports suggest targeted students, potentially first-year or first-semester attendees in four-year BS/B.Sc. programs. Fields like medicine, dentistry, engineering, agriculture, veterinary sciences, and technology may receive priority. Academic excellence, with minimum marks requirements of 60% in annual exams or 70% in semesters, could further shape eligibility, ensuring deserving students receive vital support for their educational journey.

How to Apply

Although the application process’s specifics are still unknown, historical trends point to an online format possibly via a specific government portal. It is anticipated that students will register with scanned copies of all required documentation, along with basic personal and academic information. Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee according to eligibility and merit, and those who are selected will be contacted via formal channels.


The revival of the CM Punjab Laptop Scheme stands as a beacon of hope, promoting digital literacy and bolstering students in their educational endeavors. Stay tuned to official channels for updates on the application process and eligibility criteria. Reach out to your university administration for institution-specific details. By providing laptops to deserving students, this scheme paves the path for academic excellence, access to online resources, and a promising future.

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When does the application process commence?
Official announcements are pending. Stay informed through government websites and news outlets.

Are there age restrictions for eligibility?

While no official confirmation exists, the scheme likely targets undergraduate students.

Can students from private universities apply?
The past focus was on public institutions, but eligibility for private universities in the 2024 update awaits official confirmation.

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