Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
Maryam Nawaz Launches Nigehban Card Program 12,000 Rupees Aid for Punjab's Disabled in 2024

The Nigehban Card conveys the Punjab government’s commitment to assisting those with disabilities within the territory. By delivering financial help to those with ailments, the program hopes to mitigate financial strain by improving subjects’ everyday lives.

Eligibility Criteria

For eligibility for the Nigehban Card, individuals must fulfill the nation’s established expectations. These criteria often include handicap status, financial status, and home in the territory of Punjab.

Latest DevelopmentsMaryam Nawaz’s new program includes the Nigehban Card, offering 12,000 rupees to assist individuals with disabilities in Punjab.
Application & BenefitsEligibility requires disability and Punjab residency; application involves electronic registration. Benefits include financial aid, loans, and employment support.

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Application Process

The application for the Nigehban Card has numerous phases, namely electronic registration and presentation of relevant publications. Applicants must follow guidelines set by the government for an efficient application procedure.

Benefits of the Nigehban Card

Punjab’s Nigehban Card: Financial Assistance and Support

  • Offers financial assistance and supplementary services.
  • The government implements disability support initiatives.
  • Includes loan schemes and employment opportunities.
  • The Benazir Income Support Program is integrated.
  • Online registration for expedited financial aid access.

Nigehban Rashaan Program

The Nigehban Rashaan Program, which was initiated with the Nigehban program, is committed to restoring vital nutrition to Punjab’s impoverished areas. The move coincides with the government’s loftier objectives of lowering poverty and enhancing society.

Impact and Future Prospects

The card actions can drastically enhance the well-being of individuals who have impairments in Punjab. As the software matures and develops, its effectiveness is anticipated to go up, responding to the government’s goals of equitable progress and equal opportunity.


In conclusion, the Card program is a significant improvement in serving the needs of people living with disabilities in Punjab, Pakistan. By providing loans and other services, the program strives to improve its users’ standard of living while stimulating social participation.

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To determine how I can enroll in the Nigehban Card.

If you qualify for the Nigehban Card, you must answer the questions on the registration form and attach the necessary paperwork. Follow the official directives to ensure an efficient process.

Who is eligible for the NigehBan Card?

Criteria for eligibility include having disabilities, pleasing financial standards, and residing in Punjab. Particular criteria must be satisfied under the government’s rules.

What perk does the Nigehban Card offer?

The Nigehban Card offers those eligible cash aid plus e-support services. It offers loans p,tial for employment, and cooperation with the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) for improved benefit access.

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