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Latest Update Register for Punjab Kisan Card Online 2024 (1)

The Punjab Government, in collaboration with the Bank of Punjab and the Punjab Agriculture Department, has initiated the registration of the Punjab Kisan Card to support farmers’ prosperity. The initiative allows farmers to receive loans of up to 1.2 lakh rupees per crop cycle in easy installments, enabling them to purchase essential items like fertilizer and seeds. The process is ongoing, offering a promising future for over 5 lakh farmers in Punjab.

The article provides a comprehensive guide for farmers to obtain a Kisan Card, allowing them to complete their registration from home. Eligibility criteria and other details are also provided.

Chief Minister Punjab Kisan Card Registration Started
Overview: The Punjab Government has initiated the Kisan Card registration to support farmers, offering loans up to 1.2 lakh rupees per crop cycle.
Eligibility: Farmers must own 1-12 acres of land, have records with the Punjab Land Record Authority, a registered SIM, and a Pakistani identity card.

Conditions and Benefits for Kisan Card

Farmers in Punjab need to meet specific conditions to obtain a Kisan Card. They must own land between one and 12 acres, have land records available with the Punjab Land Record Authority, have a registered SIM card, not be in default with any bank or financial institution, have a Pakistani identity card, be permanent residents of Punjab, not be indebted to any bank, and not be involved in illegal activities. The loan must be repaid within 6 months of card use, with an additional 29% deposit required for delays.

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Farmers can receive up to 0.5 lakh rupees for one plant, receive subsidies for fertilizer and seeds, and have less difficulty in other state departments due to their Kisan Cards.

Documents required to complete the registration

To buy a Kisan card in Punjab, you need a national identity card (CNIC), proof of land ownership, a farmer’s passport, and bank account details. These documents are issued by the person or patrol agency.

Punjab Kisan Card Registration Process

Farmers may now add a Kisan Card much more effortlessly. Farmers may finish the initial registration procedure by entering their PKC space ID card number and sending an SMS to 8070. This is the most common method to complete activation at home, ensuring rapid registration.

Online Registration

Kisan Card Application Process

  • Set up a mobile wallet or account with a credit card company or cellular service provider.
  • Use the Kisan Token Bundle for registration.
  • Fill out the submission form at the Tehsil office.
  • Provide CNIC and evidence of land ownership.
  • Receive a Kisan card upon completion of an application.
  • Landowners can receive government subsidies.


Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s delivery of the Kisan Card scheme highlights the Punjab government’s efforts for farmers. This card allows farmers to not only access loans in easy payments to broaden their crops, but they might also get assistance from additional government initiatives. It educates farmers about everything from the registration handle to the application requirements and other information required to obtain the card. Farmers may now complete their registration from the comfort of their own homes, saving them valuable time.

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if any, what is the Punjab Kisan Card, and how can farms profit from it?

This enables them to buy essential supplies such as fertilizer and seeds, thus boosting the agricultural business.

Who is worthy of being considered for the Punjab Kisan Cards?

Agricultural producers have to have a property that is between one and twelve acres, own land records with the Pakistan Property Record authority, have an active SIM card, and a Pakistani registration card, and be permanent inhabitants of Punjab. They can’t be in default with any institution, owe payments to any bank, or take part in illicit activities.

Exactly how many farmers subscribe to the Punjab Kisan Card?

Producers can finish the registration procedure simply by SMSing their PKC space ID card code to 8070. Alternatively, those can finish the application process by attending to their local Tehsil office with their CNIC and evidence of the ownership of land.

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