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Punjab Green Tractor Program 2024 Latest Update (1)

The Punjab Green Tractor Scheme for Punjab Farmers 2024, boosted by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, anticipates improving agribusiness in Punjab by supplying tractors to impoverished farmers at cut prices. This effort aims at raising yields from agriculture and enhancing the lives of farmers across this area. In this paper, we’ll be going over all aspects of the scheme, like eligibility, software processes, and payouts.

The Punjab region Blue Tractor Scheme 2024

By lowering farmers’ value difficulties this effort aims at helping boost yields from agriculture and contribute to the region’s financial prosperity. Farmers who engage with the effort will get hefty tractor subsidies, thereby Making it easier for people to acquire this important hardware. This will likewise improve their use of farming skills, but it will also result in higher yields of crops and more monetary stability.

Punjab Green Tractor Scheme 2024Aims to aid low-income farmers in Punjab by providing subsidized tractors, improving agricultural yields and financial stability.
Subsidy and Eligibility DetailsOffers a 70% subsidy for small tractors and a 50% subsidy for large tractors; eligible for farmers with 6-50 acres and valid NADRA ID.

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Subsidy Details :

From the suggestion, the government would ultimately provide a 70% subsidy for small ones and a 50% price for large tractors. The extensive financial assistance confirms that farmers could afford remarkable tractor-trailers that are required for contemporary farming operations. A fixed payment of six lakh rupees for every single unit greatly reduces farmers’ financial burden. With this kind of help, even individual farmers can make investments in greater technology, which results in higher profits and efficiency.

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Distribution Plan :

The Punjab government seeks to provide 10,000 tractors under these plans. It will be place in stages to ensure that qualified landowners get subsidies on date and in order. In the initial phase, it is the focal point. The tractors will be provided in installments each month, allowing producers to properly handle money while benefiting from the scheme.

Eligibility Criteria :

The idea is exclusively for growers in Punjab. Applicants have to offer documentary proof of registration to be regarded as eligible. This variant makes certain that the direction reaches people who might get the most from the initiative while also promoting environmentally sustainable land usage. Participants must have verified identity cards that were issued by NADRA. This promises that subsidies are provided to actual and eligible farmers, hence safeguarding the plan’s integrity.

Application Process :

Landowner Engagement and Service Compliance

  • Regularly check periodic bulletins and websites for strategy changes.
  • Collect all required documents, including property proof and NADRA identification cards.
  • Adhere to government software guidelines for procedure execution.
  • Engage with trustworthy sources for compliance within specified deadlines.
  • Seek advice from local agricultural organizations or accredited websites for guidance.

Registration Details :

The SMS 8070 Registration Kisan Card Scheme is an initiative by CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif to assist farmers with various benefits, including subsidies and economic assistance. Once registered, farmers can use their Kisan Card to access these benefits, simplifying the process of receiving government support.


The Punjab Green Tractor Scheme 2024 is a ground-breaking dedication scheduled to liberate farmers and increase the productivity of agriculture in Punjab. Green Tractor Scheme for Punjab Farmers affords serious tractor payments. The government maintains that even small-scale farmers are helped by advanced equipment for farming. This scheme, in combination with other related projects, is intended to boost farmers’ livelihoods and contribute to the fiscal growth of the area Green Tractor Scheme for Punjab Farmers.

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FAQs :

Who qualifies for the Punjab Green Tractor Diagram?

Farmers in Punjab who have about six and 50 acres of land and carry a valid NADRA card of identification are entitled to join the Green Tractor Scheme for Punjab Farmers.

Are subsidies accessible in the scheme?

The campaign offers a 70% price on small tractors and half the price on colossal tractors, with a set price of six lakh rupees per tractor via the Green Tractor effort for Farmers in Punjab.

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