Tue. Jul 16th, 2024
Important Update PML-N Approved Green Tractor Scheme 2024

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz launched the “CM Punjab Green Tractor Scheme” to help producers in the state and raise the cultivation of crops. This plan, favored by PML-N President Nawaz Sharif, proposes to help growers with land ownership from six to fifty acres through the provision of large crop subsidies. The undertaking will distribute 10,000 tractors by 2024, with the first phase set to be wrapped up within a year.

CM Punjab Green Tractor SchemeLaunched by CM Maryam Nawaz to aid farmers with 6-50 acres, providing up to 70% subsidies on tractors. 10,000 tractors are to be distributed by 2024.

Key Highlights of the Punjab Green Tractor Scheme

PML-N Approves Green Tractor Scheme

  • PML-N President Nawaz Sharif approves the scheme.
  • Eligible farmers have land ranging from six to 50 acres.
  • The scheme offers a 70% subsidy for small tractors and a 50% subsidy for large tractors.
  • Plan to distribute 10,000 tractors in 2024.
  • The first phase is expected to be completed within a year.

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Additional Measures to Support Farmers

The “CM Punjab Green Tractor Scheme” has been approved by Maryam Nawaz, the chief minister of Punjab, to aid farmers in the region. The scheme aims to boost agricultural productivity by providing subsidized tractors to farmers owning six to 50 acres of land. Eligibility for the scheme is for farmers owning six to 50 acres of land.

The scheme will distribute 10,000 tractors in 2024, with the first phase expected to be completed within a year. Additional measures to support farmers include the creation of a Kisan bank to provide accessible loans and the creation of a comprehensive support package called the “Kissan Package.”

The benefits of the Green Tractor Scheme include increased productivity, cost savings, and enhanced support. Modern tractors will help farmers increase their productivity and efficiency, while significant subsidies on tractors will reduce the financial burden on farmers. Additional measures like the Kisan Bank ensure farmers have access to the necessary financial resources. The first phase of the scheme is expected to be completed within a year.


The CM Punjab Green Tractor Scheme is a significant breakthrough towards improving agricultural output and taking farmers in Punjab. The proposal, with major subsidies and the construction of a Kisan bank, intends to greatly assist the farming population.

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Someone is eligible to submit applications to the CM Punjab Green Tractor Scheme.

Farmers on land between six and fifty acres can apply for the chance to take part. The program intends to provide these landowners with a subsidy for tractors to increase the harvest.

What advantages are available under the CM Punjab Green Tractor Scheme?

The legislation provides a 70% subsidy for small tractors and a 50% subsidy for larger tractors. This noteworthy funding seeks to lower farmers’ duties and improve farming efficiency.

What number of tractors are scheduled to be sent via the initiative, and when?

The United States government is planning on distributing 10,000 tractors by 24, with the first phase planned to be wrapped up within a year.

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