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How to Register for the Roshan Gharana Program in Punjab 2024

The online application for the Roshan Gharana program has begun. Understand that this program’s first stage aims at supplying solar systems to 50,000 needy families in Punjab. Having stringent eligibility restrictions and a shortened application procedure, the effort intends to deliver solar systems to 50,000 Punjab groups who use less than 100 units of energy each month.

This page gives detailed information on the installation method and qualifying prerequisites for homes that are purchasing a solar system. Following this, interested homes can register for a solar system in a few straightforward processes.

Online Registration StartThe Roshan Gharana program’s online application has begun for 2024.
GoalProvide solar systems to 50,000 low-income families in Punjab.

Eligibility Criteria for Roshan Gharana

The Punjab government has launched the Roshan Gharana program to provide solar systems to 50,000 households in the province. The aim is to reduce electricity shortages and promote environmentally friendly energy sources. The first phase of the program will provide solar systems to 50,000 households, allowing them to meet their electricity needs and reduce expensive bills.

To ensure fair distribution and efficient utilization, eligibility criteria include being Punjabi, having a Pakistani identity card issued by NADRA, not being a bank debtor, never having traveled abroad, having a monthly income of less than Rs 60,000, not being an employee of any government agency, not having a solar system in their family, being enrolled in the NSER survey, and having a legally functional electricity connection.

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Documents Required for Solar Scheme

Applicants for solar systems must provide the CNIC, the last six months of electricity bills, proof of monthly income, NSER survey slips, and permission from the owner for rented house residences to install a solar system.

Registration Procedure for the Roshan Gharana Program

To register for the Roshan Gharana Program, families must visit their nearest Bank of Punjab branch, obtain a registration form from the representative, enter all necessary information, attach necessary documents, and submit the form back to the representative. The process involves visiting the bank, completing the form, and submitting the necessary documents.

Eligibility Check and Online Registration via 8800 Code

Roshan Gharana Program Eligibility Check Procedure

  • Use the ID card number from the registered mobile number.
  • Send an SMS to 8800 for an eligibility check.
  • Eligibility information is displayed in the reply SMS.
  • Online registration form provided in reply SMS.
  • Complete online registration with the required information and documents.
  • Wait for post-application approval.

Installation Process

If 50,000 fortunate abodes in Roshan Gharana match the above conditions, they shall receive an SMS alert. After that, the Punjab government had to set up rooftop solar farms for free.


The Roshan Gharana Programme, led by Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, is a unique initiative aimed at promoting renewable energy and reducing electricity costs for disadvantaged households. Interested families are encouraged to use the registration process provided in this article and verify their eligibility using the 8800 code.

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What constitutes Roshan Gharana?

A Punjab present is offering solar systems to 50,000 low-income families.

Which one qualifies?

Punjabi resident with Pakistani CNIC, monthly income under Rs 60,000, no bank loans, government employment, no international trips, no preexisting solar system. Enrolled in NSER survey with lawful electrical connection.

What do I apply?

The text advises checking eligibility by sending an SMS ID to 8800, registering online, and attaching required documents, and waiting for approval.

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