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How to Register for the 5566 Utility Store Subsidy in Pakistan (3)

For Pakistani nationals, the 5566 Utility Store program provides an excellent opportunity to economize on necessities like food. Everyday groceries are subsidized by this government program, which helps many families afford them.

We’ll walk you through the easy 5566 Utility Store subsidy registration process and outline your benefits in this blog article.

5566 Who is eligible for Utility Store Subsidy?

Utility stores are government-run businesses that offer staple foods at reduced costs. All individuals, especially those with lesser means, should be able to afford needs thanks to these establishments.

The 5566 program is available to all nationals of Pakistan. Everyone is eligible to register and take advantage of the cheaper prices as there is no formal income restriction.

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How to Register for the 5566 Utility Store Subsidy

There are two ways to register for the 5566 Utility Store subsidy:

  • SMS Registration: The simplest approach is this one. Just send “5566” to the assigned number via text. After finishing the registration process, you will receive a confirmation message. (Note: Double-check with a reliable source for the latest SMS registration number, as it may change).
  • In-Store Registration: Tell the employees at the Utility Store that you would like to sign up for the subsidy program when you visit them. They will walk you through the steps, which can include confirming your phone number and presenting your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).

What are the Benefits of Registering?

After registering, you will be able to buy necessities at discounted prices at any Utility Store in Pakistan. Depending on the goods, the discount varies, but it can be substantial and help you make more grocery budget.

What can you buy with the subsidy?

The list of subsidized items may change, but it typically includes essential food staples like:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Pulses (e.g., lentils, beans)
  • Cooking oil
  • Ghee (clarified butter)
  • Rice
  • Tea


One important scheme that helps Pakistani people save money on necessities is the 5566 Utility Store subsidy program. Registering gives you access to lower costs on needs, allowing you to stretch your food budget further.

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Do I need a CNIC to register?

While not mandatory for SMS registration, having a CNIC can simplify the process, especially if you encounter any issues.

What if I don’t have a mobile phone?

In-store registration is an alternative if you don’t have a mobile phone for SMS registration.

Can I register multiple times?

No, registering multiple times is not allowed. One registration per CNIC is sufficient.

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