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How to Receive Payments from Benazir Taleemi Wazaif Program 2024 (Step-by-Step Guide)

Benazir Taleemi Wazaif program is an educational scholarship program launched by the government of the People’s Party to promote education. Benazir Taleemi Wazaif program’s initiative is to encourage education by giving scholarships to students whose parents are poor and needy and cannot afford their educational expenses, including school fees, daily routine expenses, expensive books, etc.

That’s why, looking at the condition of people with poor in our country, the Pakistani government decided to launch such a program so that poor children don’t have to leave their education just because their parents can’t afford it. After receiving the message, the next step is to withdraw the money. Two procedures are described below, one by one.

How do you withdraw money from an HBL ATM in 2024?

Those with low incomes frequently need to introduce themselves to bank HBL ATMs more. When they sign up for the BISP program, they have to take out money using an HBL ATM. I’ll give you instructions if this is your first time using an HBL ATM.

  • Visit the closest biometric ATM (the HBL Biometric ATM, for example).
  • Click the “Scan your thumb” option on the ATM screen.
  • Select Urdu as the language.
  • From the list of available options, choose BISP.
  • Provide your CNIC number precisely.
  • Place your thumb on the biometric device as instructed.
  • To view your balance, select “Balance inquiry.”
  • Click “Yes” to accept the withdrawal of funds.
  • After checking your balance, click on “Cash Withdrawal.”
  • By selecting “Cash Withdrawal,” proceed to input the required amount.
  • Verify the amount and take your cash out of the ATM.

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The alternative method to withdraw money in 2024

People’s fingerprints disappear for no big reason. If your fingerprints have been removed and biometric verification is not functioning, a solution is available. Look at this alternative method of receiving your BISP funds. 

  • Bring a family member who has their own CNIC to the BISP office.
  • Tell them why the fingerprint verification did not work.
  • You will receive a form from the officer, who will help you fill it out.
  • Go back home and wait for your application to be approved.
  • Either 8171 will send you a confirmation message, or the BISP officer will call to let you know.
  • After being accepted, take the family member who went with you to the BISP office to Habib Bank.
  • After your CNIC is verified, you can withdraw your BISP funds from Habib Bank.

Key PointsContent
Program OverviewGovt. scholarship for needy students
ATM WithdrawalSteps for withdrawing money from biometric ATM
Alternative MethodSolution if biometric verification fails


Under the program of Benazir Taleemi Wazaif initiated by the government of Pakistan, students get scholarships every three months. The scholarship amount is different for boys and girls. It also depends on the student’s level of education. If a student studies in a school, his or her scholarship amount will be different from that of a student who studies in a college. The same is the case for university students.

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Is there any method to withdraw money without fingerprint verification?

If your fingerprints have been removed and biometric verification is not functioning, a solution is available to take another person with you.

Do boys and girls receive the same scholarship amount?

The scholarship amount is different for boys and girls.

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