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How to Apply for Free Marriage Assistance in 2024 Latest Updates

Apply Online for the Marriage Assistance Program for Poor Girls. Because of poverty and inflation in Pakistan, there are several issues with food, shelter, and education. There is also a significant issue in which poor parents are unable to marry their daughters on time owing to financial constraints, resulting in a slew of social problems. Because of these issues, many individuals view daughters as a burden. The Punjab government has addressed its residents’ concerns by implementing a variety of assistance programs. 

Eligibility Criteria

You can only qualify for this program if you meet all of the requirements listed below.

  • Only women can profit from this program. You will be eligible for this program if you satisfy these requirements.
  • A marriage aid program can help widows who have no one to support their families with their daughters’ marriages.
  • To obtain support from the Marriage Support Program, the application female must be a Punjab resident.
  • The candidate must have a valid National Identity Card with their present residence affiliated with any city in Punjab province.
  • The applicant’s poverty score should be less than thirty.
  • The applicant’s poverty score should be less than thirty.
  • The age of the girl should be 18 or above.
  • Zakat-eligible women can participate in this program.

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Apply for Marriage Assistance

The application process for the Marriage Assistants Program is basic. If you are an unmarried female and want to benefit from this program, you can apply. If you are one of those parents whose poverty level is less than 30 and do not wish to receive assistance for their daughters’ marriage, you may also apply for this program. To submit your application to the Marriage Assistance Program, follow the procedures below.

  • Go to the Marriage Assistance Program’s official website, where you will find a download option for the form.
  • Download the application form from there and get it printed.
  • After that, fill out this form with the name of the local Zakat committee, the applicant’s name, the name of the girl (for whose marriage you want aid), the girl’s age, the date of marriage, and the father’s identity card number. Fill out the form with your name, the father’s employment, monthly income, and permanent address.
  • Please submit this application form to your local Zakat Committee.
  • After your eligibility is determined, your application will be processed and monies delivered to you.
  • You can obtain this amount of help from the approved banks of this scheme.

TopicMarriage Assistance Program in 2024
Eligibility Criteria– Female applicants only – Widows with no family support – Punjab residents with valid CNIC – Poverty score less than 30 – Age 18 or above – Zakat-eligible women
Application Process1. Download the form through the official website 2. Fill out the required details, including Zakat committee name, applicant’s and girl’s name, age, marriage date, father’s CNIC, applicant’s name, father’s employment, income, and address 3. Submit the form to the local Zakat Committee

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What should be the age to get enrolled in this program?

The age of the girl should be 18 or above.

What should be the poverty score for this program?

The applicant’s poverty score should be less than thirty.

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