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How to Apply for a Kisan Card in Punjab in 2024 (Complete Guide)

For farms in Punjab, Pakistan, the Kisan Card is an essential source. It makes it easier to apply for loan subsidies, government initiatives, and other benefits. This guidance was created for Punjab farmers who have not yet applied for their Kisan, among Card. We are going to take you gradually through the process.

Before You BeginVerify that you have the necessary documents: CNIC, proof of land ownership, and contact information.
Application ProcessCreate a mobile wallet/account, purchase the Kisan Token Bundle, fill out the application form from the Tehsil Office, and submit the required documents. Pick up your Kisan Card from the Tehsil Office once notified.

Before You Begin:

Verify that you have available each of the necessary records: your CNIC (digital national identity card), evidence proving that you are the owner of the land (for example, landowner paperwork), and your name and address (such as the phone number mentioned).

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The Application Process in 2024:

  • Phone Wallet/Account: These may come as a surprise to some, yet one must have a wallet that is portable for the mobile profile. You can now receive benefits online thanks to this. Fret not—most of the banks provide such amenities. Initiate inquiries and, if needed, create a profile by contacting your bank of choice.
  • Buying of Kisan Token Bundle: Call the community Agro Tehsil Office (sub-divisional farm office) after building your cellphone wallet or profile. They will give details on a “Kisan Card” that could be yours to buy. The payment card itself and all necessary charges for processing are covered in this bundle, which usually costs about Rs. 500.
  • Applications Paper: The request for a Kisan Card received from the Tehsil Office shall be sent to you. Fill out this carefully and accurately filed form with all of the details that you own.
  • Posting in Records: Your Kisan Card won’t be delivered to you straight after registration. rather, the Farming Tehsil Office will be given it. After being told, come back to the cubicle to pick up your card. While distributing it, they might require an additional check.


Acquiring your Kisan Card is an effortless step. You could ensure an effortless application process while receiving a debit card in an adequate amount of time by following the above steps and having all the necessary documents ready. Consider that the Kisan Card is a valuable tool for landowners, therefore don’t be shy to apply and make use of anything that it gives you.

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Is there a free Kisan Card?

No, this Kisan Card Bundle came with a one-time cost of roughly Rs. 500.
Does acquiring the card necessitate me to be an employee of a Kisan was Union?
No, for me to get a Kisan, among Card, people to be a part of a Kisan Union, which is a farmer’s association.

Will my Kisan Card be lost?

Submit the missing ID by contacting the Department of Agriculture Tehsil Office in your neighborhood. They will help us through the substitute process.

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