Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
Good Update Error 938 In BISP Account, Find Out The Reason Now

The ladies who have an Error 938 in their BISP account will begin receiving their block installment in the Benazir Income Support Program on May 13. In other words, they will be able to obtain both the block installment and the subsequent installment jointly.

Receiving money has become problematic for many due to the 938 mistake. Presently, the Pakistani government has devised a way to address this issue. The accounts of those with 938 mistakes will be allowed to receive their impending payment as well as block payment. Due to this issue, many people’s payments have been blocked throughout Punjab; however, everyone will now receive their entire amount.

If a woman has finished her dynamic survey but is not accepted into the program, she may file an appeal. You will not be able to retake the survey until 2026 if you are not eligible for the program, even if you file an appeal. These women don’t need to go to the BISP office because your payment will be sent to you only after completing your dynamic survey.

Error Code938
ResolutionAccounts with Error 938 will receive both pending and blocked installments on May 13
Appeal ProcessWomen who have completed the dynamic survey but are not accepted can file an appeal
Payment MethodPayments will now be made through Campus Sides instead of ATMs or banks

Receiving Compensation From The Campus

Since this issue has been rectified, many people who registered for the program were concerned about getting compensated. Everyone may now relax about receiving their money as they will be able to obtain their quarterly payment after completing a short process.

Many people visit ATMs and banks like HBL to withdraw cash after registering and receiving payment messages. However, such is no longer the case, as Campus Sides will now be used by everyone to make payments. Your turn will be called and you’ll get your money after showing up in the waiting area with your ID card.

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938 Error Issue With BISP’s 2024 New Update

Many people have not received help after registering for the Benazir Income Support Program because their payments have been blocked by 938 ER. The lack of relief funding has caused problems for a lot of people. To address this issue, the Pakistani government has declared that the prohibited episode will be released.

BISP has declared that, as of May 13, it will provide both the payment and the blocked installment. This implies that this month’s payment as well as the eligible individuals will now be prohibited.


The resolution of Error 938 within the Benazir Income Support Program marks a significant step forward in ensuring financial assistance reaches deserving individuals promptly. With accounts now set to receive both pending and blocked installments, the Pakistani government’s swift action addresses the concerns of many who faced payment delays. Additionally, the introduction of Campus Sides as the new payment method enhances convenience and accessibility for beneficiaries. This proactive approach underscores the government’s commitment to providing timely support to those in need and reaffirms the program’s pivotal role in promoting social welfare across the nation.

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What is Error 938 in BISP accounts?

Error 938 signifies a block on payments within the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP).

How will accounts with Error 938 be resolved?

Accounts with Error 938 will receive both pending and blocked installments on May 13.

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