Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
Good News BISP Launches Khidmat Card to Empower Individuals 2024

The sudden inclusion of the Khidmat Card in the Benazir Income support Programme (BISP) brings tremendous comfort and help to those who struggle across the country. This endeavor seeks to empower individuals who have cerebral palsy by providing handouts and vital services that improve their overall standards of living.

Overview of the Khidmat Card

The Khidmat Card is an essential instrument to aid individuals with disabilities who are enrolled in the BISP program. It will provide buyers with direct cash help and complimentary a range of important resources, such as free scooters and wheelchairs

Financial AidImmediate cash assistance to registered users, providing quick access to funds.
Mobility AidsFree wheelchairs or equivalent funds for eligible individuals to ensure access to necessary mobility aids.
Registration ProcessRegister in person at BISP centers with a valid CNIC, or authorize a proxy to register on your behalf. Online registration is also available.

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Key Features of the Khidmat Card

Direct Financial AidRegistered consumers will get financial help instantaneously via the Khidmat Card, ending the need for traders while offering quick access to money. This aid aspires to help individuals who have medical conditions fulfill standard daily norms as well as improve their daily lives.

Provision of Wheelchairs

In addition to financial aid, the BISP will give wheelchairs to qualified subjects for free. Folks who do not acquire a chair or scooter will receive the same funds to guarantee receiving mobility aids and accessible equipment.

Registration Process

In A person The registrationPersons with limits can register for the Khidmat Card at chosen BISP facilities. When the process of being registered, a valid CNIC is required to be shown.

Proxy Registration

Workers who have impairments and are unable to access authentication features may designate an approved person who will register on their behalf. The encouraged individual must input the beneficiary’s CNIC during the registration process.

Eligibility Criteria

For an application for the Khidmat Card, humans must satisfy agreed chosen constraints, such as:

  • A serious disability impairs travel.
  • Unequipped to walk free of constraints.
  • A shortage of assistance from somebody to care for you
  • Absence of a bank account.
  • Household members with at least five impaired residents and zero accomplishments in school.

Accessing Funds and Ratios

People who benefit may collect money set through the Khidmat Card from approved ATMs or banks. This allows customers to securely and easily obtain funding to suit their personal needs.

Online Registration

People who are too busy to leave their homes owing to disorders may register online with BISP. It allows those with impairments to complete the form from within the ease of their dwellings, promoting that they’re participating in the grant program.


The general availability of the Khidmat Card in BISP is a breakthrough toward satisfying the demands and hurdles that people who have disabilities deal with in Pakistan. The objective of the initiative is to bolster the well-being and independence of people who are handicapped by donating direct cash support, access to assistive technologies, and vital functions, while nonetheless promoting inclusion and self-determination.

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What was the Khidmat card?

The Khidmat Card is BISP’s latest effort to help people with injuries by offering indirect financial aid and essential services.

Which benefits does the Khidmat Card offer?

Financial aid is immediate cash help.
Wheels: Provide free wheelchairs or something comparable in funding for physical aid.

How many folks sign up for the Khidmat Card?

In-person: Deliver a valid CNIC to one of the accepted BISP facilities.
Proxy registration: Allow someone to submit an application for your CNIC on your behalf.

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