Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
Go to the closest BISP Center to register for the BISP Program 2024

Many persons still need to be registered with the BISP program. He did not receive the funds for his scholarship. They should, nevertheless, be qualified for this program. To put a stop to these people’s problems, you will now be informed that completing the BISP 8171 program verification process is a simple method to receive a lower contribution.

BISP Registration Process

  • Find the closest BISP center: Go to BISP Centers, and find the closest BISP center. By contacting the BISP telephone number or the originating authorities, find out the closest BISP center.
  • Go to the Center: Go to the Center Bring all required documentation, including your CNIC and any additional paperwork, to the BISP center. See also: Ehsaas Program Payment Gateway. 

Submission of an Application

  • Meet with the BISP representative. When you arrive at the center, they will walk you through the enrollment procedure.
  • Fill Out Forms: Provide accurate information on the required forms.
  • Submit Documents: Provide the representative with the required documentation.
  • Confirmation: Proof obtains proof of damage or an operational reference number.

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Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements include having a family size of ten, a monthly income of fewer than 15,000 rupees, a poverty score of forty percent, no prior overseas travel history, no official passport or government job, living in poor conditions, and having significant problems with water resources.

Registration ProcessFind the closest BISP center by contacting the BISP telephone number or authorities.
Bring required documentation, including CNIC, to the center.
Meet with a BISP representative to fill out forms and submit documents.
Eligibility RequirementsFamily size of ten.
Monthly income less than 15,000 rupees.
Poverty score of forty percent.
No prior overseas travel history or official passport.
No government job.
Living in poor conditions.
Major problems with water resources.


Registering for the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) can be a crucial first step for those needing financial support. By following the instructions of offline enrollment, qualified individuals can access the support they are awarded. Additionally, the provided summary table and FAQs answer frequently asked questions and streamline the enrollment process even more, ensuring that people with little financial resources or expertise can still benefit from this essential service.

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Who can submit a BISP application?

Individuals who are members of vulnerable groups such as widows, orphans, low-income families, and people with disabilities are eligible for BISP.

If I do not have a CNIC, can I still register for BISP?

Registration in the BISP is only possible with a valid CNIC.

Which documentation is needed to register for BISP?

CNIC, proof of income (if any), proof of the make-up of the family, and any other relevant documents, according.

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