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Unlocking Free Healthcare Latest Update on the Sehat Card Program in 2024

The 8500 Sehat Card program in Pakistan has been a ray of hope for many people and families who struggle to get good healthcare. The government started this program to help people all over the country get the medical care they need. This article will tell you the latest news about the 8500 Sehat Card in 2024 and how to check if you can get one online.

8500 Sehat Card Program 2024 Online Registration

The 8500 Sehat Card program is a great way for people who are Pakistani citizens to get free medical treatment. To join this program, all you need is your identity card and a valid phone number. You will use your ID card number and phone number to sign up.

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After you sign up, remember to keep your health card number and phone number safe. These are like keys that unlock free medical treatment in hospitals all over the country. The Sehat Card program is also called the Social Security Program (SSP). It’s made to help poor people get high-quality medical services through a Micro Health Insurance Scheme. Your ID number is like your health card, and it lets you use different healthcare services.

Free Medical TreatmentUp to one million rupees worth of healthcare services per year.
Easy RegistrationRegister using your CNIC number and phone number by SMS.
High-Quality ServicesAccess to quality medical treatment at participating hospitals.
Support for Low-Income FamiliesSpecifically designed to help those earning less than 20,000 rupees monthly.

8500 Sehat Card Online Check

The government has decided to give free health cards to families who don’t have a lot of money. People with a health card can get up to one million rupees worth of medical treatment every year. It’s easy to check if you can get one. Just type your CNIC number in an SMS and send it to 8500. You will get a message on your phone that tells you if you can get a Sehat Card and gives you more information.

Sehat Card Details 8500

If you have a Sehat Card, you don’t have to worry about paying for medical treatment. It’s all free! If you haven’t checked if you can get one yet, it’s simple. Just enter your ID card number and add 8500, and you will get a message that says if you can get the card or not.

8500 Sehat Card Eligibility Criteria

To get the 8500 Sehat Card, you need to meet some requirements:

  1. If you make less than 20,000 Pakistani rupees every month, you can get the Insaf Card.
  2. If you work all day and get tired because of your job, like if you’re a laborer, you can get free treatment.
  3. If your ID number falls within the 85 percentile range, you can get the Sehat Card.


The 8500 Sehat Card program is a great way for people to get good healthcare services. It’s especially for those who don’t have a lot of money. The Government of Pakistan is doing a great job with this program. If you meet the requirements, don’t wait to get your Sehat Card. You can use it to get free healthcare in hospitals all over Pakistan. Your health is important, and the Sehat Card program is here to make sure you get the care you need without having to pay any money. Stay healthy, Pakistan!

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What is the 8500 Sehat Card Program?

The 8500 Sehat Card Program is a government initiative in Pakistan that provides free medical treatment to low-income families. It allows eligible citizens to receive up to one million rupees worth of healthcare services annually at participating hospitals.

How do I register for the 8500 Sehat Card?

To register for the Sehat Card, use your CNIC (identity card) number and a valid phone number. Send your CNIC number via SMS to 8500. You will receive a message confirming your eligibility and providing further instructions.

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