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The Punjab government has firmed up the Roshan Gharana Scheme, which would provide free solar systems to 50,000 houses. The very beginning will allow audiences to use up to 100 units of power per month. Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the Chief Minister, intends to offer support to affected households with their high costs of electricity.

Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme Registration Procedure

The Scheme’s license procedure has not yet begun formally, but it was meant to be like to previous programs operated by the Punjab government in concert with the Bank of Punjab. Those applying must visit a local branch with all suggested papers, complete an account opening form, attach hard copies of stuff, and return the paperwork to the bank. The government goes over an application, which may take some time, and if agreed to, which was applicants will be told via SMS or phone call.

Where To Obtain A Free Solar SystemRoshan Gharana Scheme
Registration ProcessPay a visit to the nearest Bank of Punjab branch, fill out the registration form, attach any vital papers, and submit the form. authorization notifications will be sent via SMS or phone call.
Eligibility and DistributionOpen to Pakistani citizens in Punjab, with valid ID, six months’ electricity bill, property ownership, and no government employment or outstanding bank loans.

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Eligibility and Distribution Start for Free Solar System

Solar Scheme Overview

  • Organized in phases, with the first phase distributing 50000 Free Solar Systems to households using up to 100 units of electricity per month.
  • Eligibility criteria include being a Pakistani citizen in Punjab, having a valid Pakistani identity card, having an electricity bill for the past six months, property ownership for solar panel installation, not being employed in any government sector, having no outstanding loans from banks, and being from a financially struggling family.

Distribution Of Free Solar System Latest Update

Solar panel delivery has been approved under the Roshan Gharana Program. The clients who have presented their uses will now be able just receive free solar panels under the Roshan Gharana Scheme. The Punjab government started such an initiative while Mrs. Maryam Nawaz was head of Punjab. If you need more details about your sign-up, read the sentence carefully.


The Punjab government’s Roshan Gharana Program actions to lower power prices for needy worthy families by supplying solar systems. The next page contains detailed data on the possibility and the selection procedure. Always revisit our website for the most recent updates.

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Who exactly is worthy of the Roshan Gharana scheme?

Acceptability conditions include being a Pakistani citizen living in Punjab, displaying a valid Pakistani identity card, having a utility account for the last six months, having property ownership for solar panels installing no position in any government division, and having no unsecured bank debts.

Your way do I sign up for the Roshan Gharana Scheme?

To enter, go to a nearby Bank of Punjab branch, end the registration form, attach the required papers (such as evidence of identification and property ownership), and submit the form. The granting body will assess your application, and if welcomed, you will be advised via SMS or phone call.

What, if anything are the positive effects of the Roshan Gharana Scheme?

The charitable initiative delivers free solar systems to 50,000 households giving them to consume up to 100 units of power every month. This effort seeks to lower electrical consumption for those with limited funds while additionally boosting the usage of renewable energies.

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