Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
Ehsaas BA HIMMAT Buzurg Program 2024 Eligibility Criteria and App Announced

Ehsaas BA HIMMAT Buzurg Program aims to help senior individuals who may be approaching the end of their lives. The government is making an effort to offer them some peace and relief by giving them a stipend of 2000 rupees each month. But to be granted this aid, you need to register using your CNIC. You can register in person at the offices or online. 

App for BA HIMMAT Buzurg Program

The government has released an app designed just for this program.You might be wondering, “What will this app do?” Its purpose is to provide you with the comfort you deserve. Once the Buzurg app has been downloaded, sign in, enter your information, and proceed. The Ehsaas Center is now in your possession. It requires very little effort, and it can be completed with a few touches. 

  • It can be used for online registration.
  • Use CNIC to check the online status.
  • To obtain the most recent data and updates.
  • Speak with the staff and request assistance.

The most interesting feature is that it is easily accessible to all citizens. For your convenience, you can also change the language from English to Urdu. Just be sure to accurately complete all the information before registering, or else your application will be denied.

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Eligibility Criteria

The administration is particularly concerned that only those who deserve it will be able to receive this financial aid. To be clear, they have established strict requirements for recipients to meet. This is to ensure that senior citizens are receiving benefits and not to impose restrictions on the general public. 

  • Candidates must be 65 or older to be eligible.
  • Only Pakistani nationals, particularly those from Punjab, are eligible.
  • Only those in financial need may apply. They must be 20 and below the poverty level.
  • The form must be carefully filled out.
PurposeProvide a stipend of 2000 rupees monthly to senior individuals facing end-of-life challenges
Eligibility Criteria– Age: 65 or older – Nationality: Pakistani (Punjab) – Financial need: Below poverty level (20 and below)


The Ba Himmat Buzurg program provides a 2000 rupee stipend to individuals who turn 65. They can use this money to pay for their daily needs even if no one is there to look after them. Older women are given preference in the program. The elderly man will get money if there isn’t a family with an elderly wife. Keep in mind that there might only be one qualified person per family.

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What is the helpline number for the Ba Himmat Buzurg program 2024?

The helpline number is 042-99232359-60.

How much money will be given to old people?

The Ba Himmat Buzurg program provides a 2000 rupee stipend to individuals who turn 65.

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