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Complete Guide How to Use Maryam Ke Dastak App for Complaints 2024

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has introduced the Maryam Ke Dastak App for poor families in Punjab. This app aims to provide facilities for these families to clear their matters at home, including making death certificates and addressing any problems. The app also allows users to make their certificates at home. The article provides Clear information on the app’s benefits and accessibility.

StepUsing Maryam Ke Dastak App for Complaints in Punjab 2024
1Download the Maryam Ke Dastak App from any browser or the provided website link.
2Follow in-app instructions to access services like making certificates, filing complaints, and handling land and government-related documentation.

Inhabitants of Punjab Should Plan

Punjab residents can now easily obtain marriage certificates and land papers without the need for an agent, thanks to the Maryam Ke Dastak App. This app also allows for the application of death certificates, where a team will visit the home to complete verifications on the spot. The certificate form can be issued at home, ensuring a secure and efficient process for those in need.

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Take advantage of the space at Home.

This article explains how to use the Maryam Ke Dastak App, which can be downloaded from any browser or through a website link. It helps users prepare land documents, create a registry, transfer land, and solve various problems related to land ownership.

Where Amenities Will Be Provided at Home?

Marriage Certificates and Land Transfer

  • A marriage certificate can be converted into a house.
  • death certificate can be made in the household
  • land transfer registry can be done at home.
  • A Bay Form or ID card can be used at home.
  • Pension cases can be made at home for government jobs.


The article provides a comprehensive explanation of how to utilize home facilities through the Maryam Ka Dastak App, ensuring that users can easily navigate and submit complaints, provided they have thoroughly read the provided information.

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What offerings can I acquire with the Maryam Ke Dastak App?

The Maryam Ke Dastak App provides Punjabi people with the opportunity to receive bridal badges, property transfer paperwork, and certificates of death from the ease of their respective homes. Applicants can also draft land files, set up a register, trade land, and resolve numerous ground-related concerns.

Where can I download and utilize the Maryam Ke Dastak app?

The Maryam Ke Dastak App could be purchased from your web browser or via the specified website URL. After installing it, follow the in-app instructions for using the offered services, such as issuing certificates and filing complaints.

What added features does the Maryam Ke Dastak App submit for government-related records?

The computer application enables users to work on a variety of government-related regulation tasks from their homes, including obtaining marriage and certificates of passing, surrendering ownership of real estate, and taking care of pension challenges for federal workers. This supplies a safe, fast, and convenient stance that minimizes the need for employees.

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