Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
Complete Guide to CM Punjab Himmat Card for Disabled Persons 2024

Under Baitul Mal’s auspices, the Punjab government has decided to issue Himmat Cards for the disabled on Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s special orders. Disabled residents of Punjab will be able to access financial aid and other necessities with this card. You will find all the information you need about this card in this article. In the upcoming days, Punjab citizens who are disabled in any way will be able to obtain this card.

Initiative for Disabled Persons

Recall that this is the first time a government in Pakistan has taken such an initiative for the disabled. Prior to this, no government had adopted any such program for individuals with disabilities. The Punjab Chief Minister’s initiative has been well-received by the disabled community. So, read the article through to the end if you want all the information.

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Advantages of Himmat Card

The benefits of the Himmat Card, which the Punjab government offers to people with disabilities, are described below.

  • On a monthly basis, these cards will be used to provide disabled individuals with cash financial assistance, per the special instructions of Chief Minister Punjab. Speaking of this financial aid, the disabled will be eligible to receive up to 12,000 rupees per month in financial support. 
  • In addition, easy-to-repay loans will be given to disabled individuals who wish to begin working despite their limitations. 
  • People with disabilities will be eligible for interest-free loans from the Punjab government, with a maximum loan amount of one lakh to two lakh rupees. 
  • In addition, the Punjabi government will supply wheelchairs and other essential items to disabled individuals under this card scheme.
  • Moreover, a distinct quota will be set aside for the disabled in any program the Punjabi government launches. And with the aid of these cards, disabled individuals will be able to meet this quota. 

Punjab government’s Himmat Card for Disabled Persons Benefits
Monthly cash financial assistance up to 12,000 PKR
Easy-to-repay loans for disabled individuals wanting to work
Interest-free loans up to 1-2 lakh PKR
Provision of wheelchairs and essential items
Reserved quota for disabled individuals in government programs

Qualifications To Receive Card

Disabled people are curious about the requirements for obtaining this card as soon as the Punjab government decides to launch the program. I will provide all the information regarding the requirements for disabled individuals who wish to apply for this card. Permit me to inform such individuals that the Punjab government is initiating this program. Consequently, the only people who qualify for cards under this scheme will be Punjab citizens who have disabilities.

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Can Normal persons receive himmat card?

No, the Himmat card is only available to Eligible persons.

Has the registration process for the Himmat Card started?

No, the registration process has not started yet.

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