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Breaking News Punjab Kisan Card New Registration Start June 2024

The Punjab government just launched a new registration process for the Punjab Kisan Card, providing farmers with 300 billion rupees in annual loans. The Punjab government’s plan allows disadvantaged farmers to apply for loans of up to one and a half lakh rupees for a single crop. Aside from that, the farmer can use the Kisan Card to purchase fertilizers, seeds, and other agricultural supplies.

This page gives comprehensive guidance for farmers seeking a Kisan Card. Aspiring farmers can obtain the card by completing the registration process from home. In addition, this article contains detailed information about eligibility criteria and other relevant information for farmers. So that farmers do not have any issues in completing the registration. So, if you live in Punjab and want to get this card, you must read the entire page for all details.

Eligibility Criteria June 2024

The Punjab government has introduced a farmer card for farmers, which only applies to those who meet specific eligibility criteria. These include land ownership, being a permanent resident of Punjab, having land records available with the Punjab Land Record Authority, not being a bank defaulter, not engaging in illegal activities, having a National Identity Card (CNIC) issued by NADRA, and having a SIM card registered in the farmer’s name. Farmers must also not have taken loans from other banks or are ineligible for the Punjab Kisan Card. To complete the registration process, farmers must not be involved in illegal activities, have a National Identity Card (CNIC) issued by NADRA, and not engage in illegal activities.

EligibilityPermanent residents of Punjab, 6-50 acres land ownership, valid CNIC, no outstanding bank loans
Application ProcessSend “PKC>Space>CNIC” to 8070, visit nearest Punjab Bank branch with required documents
Documents RequiredCNIC, proof of land ownership, Kissan PassBook (if any), bank account info, proof of residence
Loan and UsageUp to 1.5 lakh rupees per crop, purchase fertilizers, seeds, and agricultural supplies

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Documents Required For Registration

List of Documents Required for Kisan Card Registration:

  • National Identity Cards (CNICs)
  • Proof of Land Ownership
  • Kissan PassBook (If Any)
  • Bank account information and mobile number.
  • Proof of habitation (bill for electricity, water, or gas).
  • These documents are necessary when registering for the Kisan Card in order to verify the applicant’s identity and eligibility.

Procedure to Complete Registration for Kisan Card June 2024

Farmers must send a message to 8070 including PKC>Space>CNIC to finish the registration process. Farmers will then receive an immediate answer indicating that action is being taken on their application. Following this activity, the farmer will receive a message from 8070 confirming that they are eligible for the Kisan Card. Get a Kisan Card from your closest Punjab Bank.

Following that, the farmer must proceed to the local Bank of Punjab branch and present the requisite registration documents. After visiting the bank, the agent will apply for the Punjab Kisan Card and open the farmer’s Kisan Dost account. Within five days of applying, the Kisan card will arrive at the bank.

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Important Information about Kisan Card

If the farmer want to obtain an interest-free loan from the Punjab government, he will apply at the Bank of Punjab. Within three days, the loan amount would be sent to the farmer’s Punjab Kisan Card.

Remember that the farmer will not be able to withdraw this money, but will be allowed to purchase fertilizer spray and seeds from the Punjab government and Bank of Punjab-approved merchants.

For example, if a farmer wants a bag of DAP fertilizer, he will go to the designated dealer and present the Punjab Kisan Card. The dealer will scan the farmer’s Punjab Kisan Card using the Bank of Punjab’s POS equipment and undertake biometric verification. The farmer would then receive a confirmation SMS to his or her registered mobile number. After inserting it into the Bank of Punjab’s POS machine, the dealer would provide the farmer a sack of DAP fertilizer. And the bank will deduct the money from the farmer’s Punjab Kisan card at the market rate and deposit it into the dealer’s account.


Finally, the Punjab Kisan Card Program is a significant and unique initiative by the Punjab government to assist farmers. Farmers can use this card to obtain a loan of up to Rs 1.5 lakh per crop and purchase necessary things like fertilizer and seeds. Farmers can simply register for the Kisan Card by following the instructions outlined in this article. If you live in Punjab, take full use of this beneficial scheme.

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Who is eligible for the Punjab Kisan Card?

Farmers who are permanent residents of Punjab, own between 6 to 50 acres of land, possess a valid CNIC issued by NADRA, and have no outstanding bank loans are eligible.

How can farmers apply for the Punjab Kisan Card?

Farmers must send a message to 8070 with “PKC>Space>CNIC” and then visit the nearest Punjab Bank branch with the required documents to complete the registration process and receive their card.

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