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Breaking News BISP Last Phase starting on June 2024

The final phase of the most recent Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is projected to begin on June 24. The third stage seeks to address the issues of those who did not receive attention in the two prior stages despite the fact fact their districts were included. Payments will be made to these persons, ensuring that all eligible recipients get their pensions.

Overview of BISP Installments

BISP, a critical social safety net project in Pakistan, issued its newest money in three stages. The first two groups were issued before Eid, and the third phase, which begins on June 24, will include all remaining eligible recipients. This staged method makes sure that all eligible humans, even those from areas that were not earlier covered, receive their reimbursements on time.

Breaking News: BISP 10500 Final PhaseDetails
Start Date of Final PhaseThe final phase of the BISP 10500 initiative starts on June 24, addressing those missed in previous phases.
Combined Payments for ProgramsRecipients will get both Benazir Kafalat and Educational Scholarship Program payments together, ensuring timely disbursement to all eligible individuals.

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Combined Payments for Benazir Kafalat and Educational Scholarship Programs

The Benazir Kafalat Program and the Benazir Taleemi Wazaif (Educational Studies Program) are being launched jointly. This implies that people get both the Kafalat Program money and their financial assistance at the same time. In the initial stages, installments for the two initiatives were provided at once, and this will go on into the final stage.

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Updates on the 8171 Web Portal

The 8171 online portal is a crucial instrument for tracking BISP payments. Plenty of customers had zero balances throughout the first pair of rounds owing to constant modifications. The dashboard is now being expanded to include numerous details that include PMT scores, history of transactions, and others. The changes attempt to increase confidentiality and safety by offering individual accounts enabling users to securely navigate their profiles.

Special Considerations for Ineligible Women

Women who were ruled ineligible owing to their greater PMT scores in a recent survey continue to withdraw their earlier settlements during the Eid tranche. However, this may be their final addition for over two years. Throughout this period, another questionnaire will be performed to assess their eligibility for more assistance.

Dynamic Survey for Regular Beneficiaries

Government Survey for Cash Users

  • The survey applies to regular users receiving cash over the past two to three years.
  • Users must amend their documents for help collection.
  • Non-renewal disqualification for two years.
  • No new registration is allowed at this time.
  • he survey allows new fellowship applicants.


For many people in Pakistan, the Benazir Income Support Program maintains lifesaving. With entering the third phase, the program tries to guarantee that all eligible applicants receive the help they need. Regular improvements to the 8171 website, alongside the rolling out of a dynamic survey methodology, indicate the effort made by the government to improve the program and boost its efficacy.

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During does the 2nd phase of BISP 10500 begin?

Its third phase ends on June 24, 2024.

William funding for Benazir Kafalat and educational grants be given in?

Payments for both of these programs are sent out concurrently.

How do I verify my BISP payments?

One can track your payments via the 8171 via the web interface.

What happens if I miss updating the questionnaire in the dynamic survey?

If you fail to amend the paperwork, you will be disqualified for two years.


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