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Good News BISP Nashonuma 2000 Program June Installment Announced

The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) launched the Benazir Nashonuma Program to support pregnant women and their children. This program provides monthly financial assistance to help cover medical expenses and ensure the health and well-being of both mother and child. This article outlines how to register for the program, the benefits, and the latest updates.

How to Register for the Benazir Nashonuma Program

To join the Benazir Nashonuma Program, visit a medical center for a health checkup and submit medical records to the nearest BISP office. Regularly update your card every three months or as required by the program. Once registered, you will receive 2000 rupees each month for medical costs and support, with regular health checkups during pregnancy being mandatory for continued support.

Program NameBenazir Nashonuma Program
Registration ProcessVisit the medical center for a checkup, and submit records to the nearest BISP office.
Financial AssistancePregnant women receive 2000 rupees monthly for medical costs and support.
Program CoverageNationwide across Pakistan.
BeneficiariesOver 6 million individuals have received monthly support.

BISP Nashonuma Registration Process

  • Program Name: Benazir Nashonuma Program
  • Registration Process: Visit a medical center for a checkup and submit medical records to the nearest BISP office.
  • Financial Assistance: Pregnant women receive 2000 rupees per month.
  • Program Coverage: Available across Pakistan.
  • Beneficiaries: Over 6 million people have received monthly support.

Benefits of the Benazir Nashonuma Program

The Benazir Nashonuma Program offers significant benefits to pregnant women by providing 2000 rupees per month to help cover medical expenses and support. This financial assistance ensures that women receive regular health checkups during pregnancy, promoting better maternal health.

Additionally, the program extends healthcare support to children, ensuring they receive necessary treatment for any health issues. This comprehensive approach not only aids in maternal health but also ensures the well-being of the children, contributing to healthier families overall.

Program Reach

The Benazir Nashonuma Program, a nationwide initiative in Pakistan, has provided monthly support to over 6 million individuals, enabling women to access necessary resources for themselves and their children. The program continuously improves to better support pregnant women and young children, aiming to ensure the health and well-being of every mother and child.

Recent Enhancements

The program aims to improve medical care, increase financial support through monthly payments of 2000 rupees, and expand program accessibility by expanding offices across Pakistan. Beneficiaries receive this monthly payment to cover medical costs and other support needs.


The Benazir Nashonuma Program is an important initiative that supports pregnant women and their children in Pakistan. By providing financial assistance and ensuring access to healthcare, the program helps families maintain their health and well-being. If you are eligible, make sure to register and take advantage of the benefits offered by this essential program.

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Who can receive the Benazir Nashonuma Program support?

Pregnant women who register with the BISP and meet the program’s criteria.

What documents are needed for registration?

Medical records confirm your health and your baby’s health, along with your CNIC.

How much financial support do beneficiaries receive?

Beneficiaries receive 2000 rupees per month to help with medical costs and other support needs.

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