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The timetable of giving BISP kafaalat 10500 Payments to households qualifying has begun. The issue of fingertip verification has also been resolved. The most up-to-date data and a detailed approach to learning it are given here. BISP Kafaalat will offer Rs 10,500 in help to all poor families in Pakistan. You must be eligible to receive the Rs.10500 BISP Kafaalat payment. Its objective of sharing this sum of 10500 rupees in that nation is to remove poverty and drive the country towards growth.

BISP Kafaalat 10500 Payment 2024Details
PurposeProvide Rs 10,500 to poor families in Pakistan to reduce poverty and promote growth.
Thumb Verification IssueResolved; beneficiaries can now use thumbprints up to eight times for biometric verification.

There could have been a thumb proof of identity issue with accepting the BISP Kafaalat sum of Rs.10500, which is currently being resolved. The complete material is accessible below.

Thumb Verification Issue solved of BISP Kafalat 2024

Benazir kafalat may swiftly perform the Rs 10500 thumbprint proof of identity processes and have the kafalat cash deposited to the account they use. Persons who had thumbprint issues are no longer facing them. Because suitable people may use their thumb eight times for authentication using biometric information. If you are still unable to get your cash, you can contact the hotline directly to solve the issue.

Other than that, BISP Benazir Kafalat offices have been established in your nearby tehsil, where you may get right away assistance with your problem. Jazz Cash fund has also been established for the transfer of further funds. So that you get the new sponsorship payment safely into your bank account.

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Benazir Kafaalat Eligibility Criteria 2024

To qualify for a BISP Kafaalat amount of Rs.10500, applicants must be Pakistani, from a poor family, have a monthly income of less than 25000 rupees, have a poverty rate of less than 40%, have never traveled abroad, have no more than five acres of agricultural land, and have not engaged in any unethical activities.

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Required Documents 2024

To register for a Pakistani identity card, you need your national identity card, mobile phone number, photocopy of your child’s Bay Form number, monthly electricity bill information, and your complete residential address. The registration process is straightforward and can be completed easily.

How to Apply for BISP Kafaalat 10500 Payment 2024?

BISP Kafaalat Registration Procedure:

  • Visit the nearest Nadera office for thumb verification.
  • Provide National Identity Card number.
  • NADRA representatives scan fingerprints for verification.
  • Register in the BISP program using the registration form.
  • Complete the form and submit it to the BISP 8171 office.


All allowing impoverished households in Pakistan may receive a BISP Kafaalat supply of Rs.10,500. Those in these households include widows, elderly folks, orphans, and people with disabilities who are eligible for the Rs.10,500 Kafaalat program. The most basic solution for this is thumb verification, which clears up the issue. All of the necessary details, including eligibility requirements, critical papers, and register treatments, have been required of you above on the website we operate 8171 BISP Ehsaas, so you may simply obtain this amount.

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Which of the following is the BISP Kafaalat 10500 Payment?

The BISP Kafaalat 10500 Payment is a program of financial aid in Pakistan that gives Rs 10,500 to qualified households with low incomes to bring down finances and promote job creation.

In what way was the thumb verification problem resolved?

The hand verification problem for receiving BISP Kafaalat payment has been rectified. Biometric evidence now allows beneficiaries to prove their identities for as many as eight times using their fingerprints. If problems continue, users can call the hotline or visit a local BISP office for support.

Who are the people who qualify for the BISP Kafaalat 10500 Payment?

The eligibility criteria include monthly income under 25,000 PKR, poverty rate below 40%, Pakistani citizenship, no prior international travel history, and ownership of no more than five acres of land.

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