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Amazing News! Eligible People for the Punjab “E-Rickshaw Scheme” in 2024, Latest Updates 2024

The E-Rickshaw Program In light of the recent increase in gas prices, the Punjab government launched the E-Rickshaw initiative. In which the poor people of Punjab will be given electric power strength. All of Punjab’s poor people will receive this E-rickshaws program. They will be able to find work with at least 25,000 of their wide variety. The government created this plan to improve the financial situation.

Eligible People For E-Rickshaw Scheme

Should you wish to qualify for the electric rickshaw program, there are specific requirements that you must meet.

  • You don’t have a job.
  • You are not employed.
  • Your residence must be in Punjab.
  • The monthly income is extremely low.
  • They completely to have spent several days living in poverty.
  • This rickshaw program is only available to men.
  • Register to obtain a rickshaw.

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Registration Process

Get this rickshaw by registering; those participating in the program benefit significantly. Following registration, you must visit Punjab Bank and fully publish your utility in the scheme. You will then be aware that you have received certification in it. You will be informed of the steps you must take during each procedure.

Benefits of the E-Rickshaw Scheme

This plan has benefits for those people, who live in Punjab who are unemployed have access to electricity thanks to CM Maryam Nawaz, who has provided electricity to the people in Punjab. Purchasing these rickshaws will enable them to launch their own business. Each man who joins this interest-free program can receive an electric rickshaw by doing so, regardless of interest. Both men and women receive the same bike.

Eligible People For E-Rickshaw SchemeTo qualify for the electric rickshaw program, individuals must meet specific requirements: – Unemployed – Not currently employed – Residing in Punjab – Extremely low monthly income – Have experienced prolonged poverty – Program open only to men
Registration ProcessRegistration for the E-Rickshaw scheme involves visiting Punjab Bank and completing the application process.


Maryam Nawaz, the Punjab minister, initially initiated the Electric Rickshaw Scheme. The poor people of Punjab are supplied with these electric-powered rickshaws. By purchasing this electric-powered rickshaw, you can also eliminate your need for petrol. You can get this rickshaw if you choose to remain in Punjab. Upon obtaining this rickshaw, you have the opportunity to create your own job.

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What are the benefits of the Scheme?

This plan has benefits for those people, who live in Punjab who are unemployed.

What is the eligibility requirement to register for this program?

They completely to have spent several days living in poverty.

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