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Allocation of Bikes to Students under the Bike Scheme 2024 Latest Update

University students, here is a great initiative for all of you! With the efforts of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, a unique and exclusive bike scheme has been developed. The primary objective is to facilitate the mobility of these students. Students will be able to choose between electric bikes and ordinary bikes. This will make it possible for them to travel easily within the city while simultaneously contributing to environmental conservation. It’s an effort that promotes options for students and a cleaner Punjab for everyone to benefit from!

Punjab Electric Bike Scheme Allocation

In this program, the bikes are distributed in a very methodical manner. The designated bikes will be distributed among the qualified students in accordance with this plan. A few configurations have been made for the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme.

Number of Bikes: Under the program, 20,000 Punjabi bikes will be distributed.

Types of Bikes: There are 19000 petrol-powered bikes and 1000 electric bikes available under the program.

Financial Assistance: To make the bikes more accessible, the government pays the interest on installment loans.

Down Payment: A 10,000 down payment is required from students.

Monthly installment amounts are contingent upon the type of bike and the rider’s gender. For an E-bike with gasoline, male students pay 11676, while female students pay 7325.

Gender Parity: In urban areas, the program aims to distribute bikes equally (totaling 50%) to male and female students.

Rural Distribution: Thirty percent of the bikes will be given to female students and seventy percent to male students in rural areas.

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Latest Information on New Registration

The scheme’s application period is open right now and ends on April 30, 2024. Don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity! Become one of the more than one lakh enrolled students and benefit from this program. Authorities are considering extending the program and possibly increasing the number of bikes available due to the positive initial response.

Number of Bikes20,000 Punjabi bikes (19,000 petrol-powered, 1,000 electric)
Financial AssistanceGovernment pays interest on installment loans
Down PaymentRs. 10,000
Monthly InstallmentE-bike with gasoline: Male – Rs. 11,676, Female – Rs. 7,325
Gender ParityUrban areas aim for 50% male and 50% female distribution
Rural Distribution30% to female students, 70% to male students
Application DeadlineApril 30, 2024
Future ConsiderationProgram extension and possible increase in bike numbers

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To whom is the scheme open to apply?

Those who live in Punjab and are at least 18 years old, as well as those who can show proof of identification, residency, and income, may be eligible.

What effect will the plan have on the nation?

By encouraging cleaner transportation, the plan is anticipated to improve the quality of life for locals by resulting in quieter streets, cleaner air, and a healthier atmosphere.

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